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25 Wall Border Ideas for Decorating Girls' Rooms

Floral Border using Painted Wall Stencils

Floral Border using Painted Wall Stencils

Tree Wall Decal Border from Pottery Barn Kids

Tree Wall Decal Border from Pottery Barn Kids

Alphabet Wallpaper Border for Kids Room

Alphabet Wallpaper Border for Kids Room

We love wall borders as an easy way to pull together a room and to add the personality we love when decorating kid’s rooms.  There are so many ways to achieve this from painted wall stencils, wall decals, or kid’s wallpaper.

We challenged ourselves to come up with 25 designs for wall borders for girls’ rooms to help inspire your creativity so here goes….

1) Flowers - OK. An easy one.  But, there are so many ways to make this unique.  Think pinks and purples for daisies and tulips.  Think yellow for daisies, dandelions, and sunflowers.  Vertical or horizontal borders make this the ultimate exercise in creativity.  We love how the room pictured above from Wall to Wall Stencils creatively creates a border around a window.

2) Butterflies – A stylish way to dress up her room without getting complicated.  Envision butterflies around a mirror or a headboard.

3) Insects - Add dragonflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, and bees to your butterflies and paint an cute insect-themed border near the ceiling.

4) Polka dots – A timeless decor element that can be simple and subtle or bold and cheery. Think different sized dots in the middle of the wall for a fun look for an older girl.  Removable wall decals are a great solution for something less permanent than paint.

5) Disney characters - Where would we be without Disney?  Pooh, Ariel, Snow White, etc.  Check Babies ‘R Us or Amazon for their wallpaper border selection for a Disney themed nursery or girl’s room.

6) Ballet slippers – For the lovers of pink! Tiny toes tip toeing across the wall would add delightful detail to a pretty in pink room.

7) Princesses - Crowns, magic wands, and colorful gems for your little princess.

8) Fairies - Flitting across the wall with their cute wings and dainty look.

9) Birds - Decorate with birds that fly across the wall near the ceiling or little chicks that peck above the baseboard.

10) Trees – Trees peeking out above the crib or growing from the border of the floor to give you that nature themed look like the one above from Pottery Barn Kids.

11) Teddy Bears - Soft and cuddly teddy bears framing your changing table would be adorable!

12) Horses – Horses galloping across the wall.  So cute for an older girl!

13) Cupcakes - Just as yummy for mom as the wee one – especially if they are chocolate :)   Help her have sweet dreams of pretty little cupcakes.

14) Her Name – Emma or Emily?  Sophia or Isabella?  Whatever the beautiful name you have chosen for her, personalize her room with her name repeating across the wall in different colors.

15) Puppies and Kittens – Envision them scampering across the floor above the base board of the wall.

16) Barbie - Create your own stencil silhouettes and create a wall border above her headboard.

17) Bunnies - Bunnies nibbling on carrots would be precious as a border for a bedroom.

18) Alphabet and Numbers - Help her learn her ABCs and 123s with alphabet or number wall borders.  Perfect for the playroom or bedroom near the ceiling like the ones featured from Baby Jacks above.

19) Suns and clouds – This fresh idea will bring smiles to your little girl every day as she wakes up basking in the sun.  Use vinyl wall decals for decor that is easily removable.

20) Paisleys - Paisleys are a fun shape for an older girl or a less babyish nursery.  Create your own stencils to get the exact detail you want with polka dots and curves.

21) Vines – Green leaves intertwining above her crib would look stunning against a pink, yellow, or lavender painted wall.

22) Stripes – Think different widths in fun girl colors like bright pink and aqua near the ceiling to bring modern shapes and style to your tot’s bedroom.

23) Owls - A VERY popular decor element in children’s room decorating. Use owl wall decals for a removable look.

24) Ribbons - Ribbons swirling and twirling across the wall punctuated by bows every 3 feet.  Great for above a changing table or in the middle of the wall to give the impression of a beautifully wrapped present.

25) Geometric Shapes – Squares, circles, triangles and other geometric shapes in pretty girl colors would be darling.

We hope this list inspires your creativity and do let us know if so!

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5 Responses to “25 Wall Border Ideas for Decorating Girls' Rooms”

  1. Richa says:

    Such exciting photos. Great ideas too.

    I love the picture from Pottery Barn. Such an innovative twist to the regular two toned walls.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Love the ideas of butterflies, ladybugs, flowers with a sun and clouds. We have also added this blog to our website for our customers to enjoy (

    Thanks for your continued posts for decorating ideas for kids rooms :-)

  4. Tammi says:

    I want to use batting and fabric to make a padded wall border. Does this sound realistic or have you ever seen it be done? Any good ideas? I just took an old wallpaper borderoff and repainted the room. I made new curtains and have the fabric to coordinate with the paint and curtains. I am trying to find some pointers before I start but have been unsuccessful. Thankyou. Tammi

  5. weeDECOR says:

    Hi Tammi,

    Thanks for reading our blog. Gosh! What a question! You must be quite creative :) We haven’t seen anything like that before and aren’t sure what to recommend. You might want to post this question on the weeDECOR Facebook page ( We have lots of fans who are interested in kids room decorating. They may have some ideas.

    Kind regards,


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