Tree Wall Decals

If you are looking to decorate your baby or kid's room with a touch of nature, look no further than weeDECOR's tree wall decals. The perfect decorative piece for any nursery, it is hard to go wrong with a statuesque tree wall sticker adorning the wall of your little one's room. Our large tree wall decals are easy to apply and to remove. See first hand in this article on How to Apply Our Tree Wall Decal in 15 minutes or less. It's that easy! We have a wide variety of tree styles including palm tree wall decals, cherry blossom tree wall decals, and tree wall decals with owls, birds, and bird feeders. We also have modern styles sauch as our large, whimsical white tree wall decal. A tree wall decal can be an easy wall mural without the mess or permanence of paint. 

You will be amazed at how easy it is to decorate your nursery with a tree wall decal. Our tree wall decals come in multiple pieces that will take less than 15 minutes to apply on your wall. All you need to decide on is where to place the statuesque beauty. A large tree wall decal can be up to 6 feet and a smaller one as high as 1 foot. You choose the size based on the tree wall decal mural you want to design.

Tree wall decals for kids are a great way to introduce them to the beauty nature has to offer. Adorn your tree wall decal with nature themed accents like bird, butterfly, and owl wall decals. Design a forest with deer, squirrel, and rabbit wall decals. Or, create a picturesque beach scene with palm tree wall decals.

For more contemporary décor, consider a white tree wall decal on a colored wall. A white tree wall decal on a painted wall is sure to garner oohs and ahs from both you and your little one. Modern tree wall decals come in various styles. You can find abstract designs that look as beautiful as a piece of modern art.

Our tree wall decals make a great gift for a new baby that is both special and memorable. Mom will be struck by your thoughtfulness and in awe of the quality of our product. Our tree wall decals for a nursery are packaged in pretty aqua tissue paper making our wall decals almost as fun to open as to see on a wall.

Our tree wall decals for a nursery have a 100% satisfaction guarantee because we are confident you will adore the unique and special look they bring to your nursery or kid’s room.