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Baby Wall Letters

ABCs & 123s – Cute Alphabet and Number Decor for your Little One

Help your little one learn his ABC’s with these cute alphabet decor ideas for kids. Engaging him with these toys and decorative items is a sure way to help him rise to the top of the class!

alphabet garland

Needle Felted Alphabet Balls by Jack's Beanstalk - Houzz

We’re not sure what we like better about this felt alphabet decor, the many ways you can use them in your decor or the sheer aesthetic beauty of them. Either way, you can’t go wrong. These gorgeous creatures can be arranged to your liking or even strung up around the room. By Jack’s Beanstalk on Etsy, find this and other eco-friendly toys designed by Jack.

wooden alphabet blocks

Alphabet & Number Blocks - littlesaplingtoys on Etsy

Ah – classic alphabet wooden blocks! What better way to learn your abc’s and first words then with these beauties. Consider gluing together words and turning these into wall hangings to add some dimension to your baby’s room. By Little Sapling Toys, the duo of Nick and Kim, plant a tree for every toy sold, use FSC Certified hardwoods, recycled content packaging and participate in their local green power program in Sheboygan, WI.

felt magnets

Stuffed Felt Numbers Magnet Set - MiChiMaLLC on Etsy

Another idea for felt decor are these felt alphabet and number magnets. In cute colors and texture, these magnets make decorating fun and versatile. Simply arrange and rearrange whenever you want a fresh look. By MiChaMa on Etsy, you can even get operator signs to help with learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

alphabet wall decal

Alphabet Wall Decal - weeDECOR

Finally, check out weeDECOR’s alphabet wall decals. Our alphabet wall decals come in a variety of colors and fonts so you can choose the style best for your room – classic, modern, fancy, fun, or more!

Cute Custom Wooden Wall Letters Calling for your Creativity

Brown & Pink Wall Letters for a Girl's Room or Nursery

Brown & Pink Wooden Wall Letters

Celery Green Wooden Wall Letters

Bright Lime Green Wooden Wall Letters

Pink, Lavender, Celery Green, & Blue Wooden Wall Letters

Pink, Orchid, Mint, & Baby Maize Wooden Wall Letters

White Wooden Wall Letters with Aqua Ribbons

White Wooden Wall Letters with Hunter Green Satin Ribbons

Wall letters are a timeless classic in nursery and kid’s décor.  We like them because you are only limited by your own creativity – or what you can’t find on the Internet.  According to Oxford Dictionaries, there are at least one quarter of a million distinct words in the English language and we’re guessing that doesn’t include some legitimate kid-friendly wall words such as Bibbidi, Bobbidi, and Boo. 

So, unleash your creativity and use wall letters to personalize your baby’s nursery with his/her name or monogram, to memorialize your favorite quote, to decorate with the alphabet, or to highlight inspirational words. 

Family owned Alphabet Boutique specializes in creating custom, economically-priced, wooden hanging wall letters to help turn your creative wall word ideas into reality.  Their wall letters are ½” thick, giving you nice depth for the wall, and you can get them in heights ranging from 6 to 12 inches.

Alphabet Boutique offers you over thirty paint colors for your wooden wall letters and covers the gamut of popular baby shades like pink, blue, and green as well as modern orange, chocolate brown, and sage. In addition to color and size, you can specify font and hanging options. 

Choose from cute ribbons for hanging in satin, organza, gingham, or grosgrain fabrics in almost as many ribbon colors as paint. For a less ornate look that might work better in many boys’ rooms, you can choose simple brass hooks for your wall letter hangings.

For the more daring, order unpainted wall letters.  It isn’t too hard to create decorative stripes that perfectly match the décor in your kid’s room.  All you need are your paint colors and a little painter’s tape.  Here’s how:

1) Start with a white primer. 
2) Paint your wall letters in the color of your choice using an acrylic or latex based paint. 
3) When they are completely dry (wait a couple days to be safe), use painter’s tape to create stripes across the wall letters taking care to wrap the painter’s tape around the entirety of the letter. 
4) Paint around the painter’s tape and wait to dry.
5) Remove the painter’s tape.

Voila – beautiful, striped wall letters for your child’s room.

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Cute & Colorful Wall Word Expressions from Stephen Joseph

Dance or Ballet Wall Words and Frames for a Kid's Room

Dance or Ballet Wall Letters and Frames for a Kid's Room

All Star Wall Words and Frames for a Kid's Room

All Star Wall Letters and Frames for a Kid's Room

Dream Wal Words and Frames for a Kid's Room

Dream Wall Letters and Frames for a Kid's Room

You may have seen Stephen Joseph’s lovely baby gift and decor items in gift stores or elsewhere.  Based in Lubbock, TX, his cute t-shirts, lunch boxes, backpacks, wall art, stationery and other unique baby gifts are known to be fresh, fun, funky, and colorful.

We are a fan of his dual purpose wooden wall letters and coordinating picture frames as a great little space filler in your nursery or kid’s room.  Choose from themed wall words like “dance” for you little ballerina or ballet themed girls room.  Or, choose “all star” for your future little league player or sports themed baby nursery.  If you are seeking something more ethereal, select from inspirational wall words like “imagine” and “dream”.  The wall words come with matching photo frames in great kids colors – pink, purple, lavender, lilac for girls and blue, red, green, yellow, and orange for boys.

And, the price is very nice!  Less than $25 per wall word set.  Hard to beat!  A great gift idea for a mom-to-be or a budding tween.

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Custom Painted ToyBox, Wall Letters, & Other Nursery Decor

Personalized Hand Painted Toybox for a Kid's Room

Personalized Hand Painted Toybox for a Kid's Room

Hand Painted Wall Letters for Kids' Rooms and Nurseries

Hand Painted Wall Letters for Kids' Rooms and Nurseries

We love pretty things that makes a child’s room special which is why we love Laughy Taffy Designs, maker of hand-painted, customized children’s decor.  

Laughy Taffy Designs was started by Leigh Anne Cagle who was a preschool teacher creating those fun, colorful bulletin boards we oogle over. She realized her true calling when a co-worker asked her to help accessorize her grandbaby’s room. Voila!  Now we have Laughy Taffy Designs. 

Leigh Anne’s touch, or shall we say brush, brings to life so many of our nursery and kids room favorites.  For example, her wall letters are a stylish and fun way to personalize your child’s room and they are one-of-a-kind.  Wall letters create that personal touch and Leigh Anne can make that more so. 

For your little girl, she can create wall letters in your favorite decorating colors such as pink and green or pink and brown.  She can design with fun patterns like polka dots, gingham, and stripes and embellish with flowers, bumblebees, and butterflies.  For your little boy, she does a great job with your favorite comic book heroes like Batman and Spiderman and the traditional nursery animals like lions and giraffes.

And, her toybox is so cute!  The beautiful color combinations and personalized touch ensure it will remain a family heirloom for generations. A must-have for every little girl and boy. 

Laughy Taffy has other wall decor pieces, rocking chairs, waste baskets, personalized Christmas tree ornaments, and more – all with a custom brush.

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Personalized Wall Hangings for a Sporty Kid's Room

Baseball Themed Wall Hanging for the Sporty Kid

Baseball Themed Wall Hanging for the Sporty Kid

Football Themed Wall Hanging for the Sport Kid

Football Themed Wall Hanging for the Sport Kid


Basketball Themed Wall Hangings for the Sporty Kid

Basketball Themed Wall Hangings for the Sporty Kid

Hut! Hut!  For your burgeoning football, baseball, or little basketball sports fan, we’ve found these adorable personalized wall hangings on MyRetroBaby. These wall decor pieces would be a perfect accompaniment when decorating a sports themed nursery for a baby boy or when decorating your little boy’s big boy room.

Each individual football and basketball 4″ x 4″ wall letter is hand-painted and comes with the letter of your choice and a matching ribbon for hanging.  Hang the wall letters as monograms or spell out your child’s name.  The baseball name plate is 6″ x 8″ and also comes with matching ribbon.  And, when your child grows out of them, these wall hangings will be a great memoir for the family memory chest.

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Distinctive Decorative Wall Letters for the Crafty Mom

We found a fun project for you crafty moms looking for more distinctive wall decor in your nursery or kid’s room rather than the usual wooden wall letters.  Try wrapping paper wall letters with beautiful and unique decorative paper.  These heavy card stock letters can be decorated with any style of paper.  You may be familiar with the wide variety of Japanese, European, and Indian designs seen in specialty stores like Papyrus.  Or, maybe you have seen the wide selection of cute scrap booking papers in JoAnn’s or Michaels but didn’t have a reason to use them.  Now, you do.

Paper Source, a decorative paper store, can help you turn those gorgeous paper designs into beautiful, distinctive wall letters for your child’s room. 

The wall letters come about 8″ high and 1″ in depth (each letter is a different width).  Select from a variety of decorative papers and follow their how-to instructions via video.

See below for a few of our favorite styled papers that we think would work well when decorating a boy’s or girl’s room.  They include popular decorating patterns such as polka dots and flowers in modern color palettes like navy blue, chocolate brown, watermelon pink, and orange. 

And, finally, for you eco-conscious moms, there are many earth friendly paper choices from which to choose making these wall letters a very green option.

For other wall letter ideas, see our other articles on hanging wall letters and baby wall decal letters.

Orange, peach & brown foral decorative paper for wall letters

Orange, peach & brown foral decorative paper for wall letters

Pink Polka dot decorative paper for wall letters

Pink polka dot decorative paper for wall letters

Brown and grey floral decorative paper for wall letters

Brown and grey floral decorative paper for wall letters

Navy blue decorative paper for wall letters

Navy blue decorative paper for wall letters