Our wall decal colors are specially designed to meet your kid’s room decorating needs. Mix and match to your heart’s content to get a unique, yet coordinated look.  We chose our colors to work with those you see from major baby décor brands such as Pottery Barn Kids, Restoration Hardware Baby & Child, and the baby brands carried at Target.  All of our adhesives are made of matte materials so you get that freshly painted, stencil-like look.  Learn more about our colors and read our thoughts on how to mix and match and coordinate with your paint.

Soft Colors

Pale Pink – our softest shade of pink. This color is best on extremely light wall paint colors such as white or extremely dark paint such as chocolate.  Our ballet pink coordinates nicely with our bright pink, chocolate, beige, apple green, pale green, charcoal, pale blue, and white wall decal colors.  This shade is great for decorating a girl’s nursery or bedroom.

Lilac – a little bit of pink and a little bit of purple, our lilac is soft, buttery, and warm. It works best on extremely light or dark paint colors.  Our lilac coordinates nicely with our pale pink, pale blue, sage green, brown, grey, and white. Lilac is a nice shade for decorating a little girl’s room.

Lavender – one of our most popular colors, our lavender is a light shade of purple with a cool tint.  It works best on extremely light or dark wall paint. Our lavender coordinates nicely with our purple, pale pink, brown, grey, and sage green.  It is a wonderful shade for a girl’s room.

Pale Blue – our softest shade of blue has a tint of smokiness to it to give it that modern touch. It works best on extremely light or dark wall paint. Our pale blue coordinates nicely with our navy, pale pink, brown, grey, lavender, and sage green.  It is a wonderful shade for a baby boy’s room or a girl’s room.

Sage Green – perfect next to our brown and grey or as part of a softer color palette with our pale blue, pale pink, lilac, and lavender. This green can be paired with our brown and pale blue for a boy’s room or with the all of our pastels for a girl’s room.

Light Aqua – another one of our favorite shades, our aqua is a gorgeous shade of pale turquoise that is light and airy.  We recommend using it with our pale pink, yellow, apple green, brown, orange, and grey.  We think our aqua looks great in a girl’s room or a playroom or when designing a boy’s nursery with a modern color palette.

Bold Colors

Bright Pink – a vibrant pink that jumps from the wall.  This color will work with a variety of wall paint colors such as Decorator’s white, other shades of pink, browns, blues, yellows, and purples. Our bright pink coordinates nicely with our ballet pink, chocolate brown, apple green, charcoal grey, and bright purple.  Bright pink is a great shade to accent a big girl room.

Navy Blue – our navy is statement-making and one of our most popular colors.  It lies on the cool side as navy’s go to give it a more classic and neutral feel.  It works well on most any wall paint color and coordinates nicely with most all of our colors including: our pale blue, red, orange, chocolate, charcoal, lavender, beige, ballet pink, olive green, apple green, white, cream, and pale green. Our navy would work well in a baby boy’s nursery, boy’s bedroom, or a playroom.

Orange – one of our favorite shades, our orange is a fun color for a boy’s room with pale blue or aqua.  Use it in a girl’s room if you need a bright palette.  Or, use it in a playroom for a gender neutral feel. Our orange looks pair with our pale blue, sun yellow, and apple green.

Apple Green – our apple green is not too dark and not too light.  It’s just right.  With a tinge of yellow this green is bright and coordinates nicely with our yellow, orange, navy, and red.  For a girl’s room, pair with our pale pink for a preppy look.

Yellow – our cheerful yellow is like a smile on your wall. Our yellow works beautifully with our orange, bright pink, apple green, and other bold colors. For more modern decor, pair with our pale blue and orange.

Purple – a rich, fun jewel-toned purple.  Our purple is great for a girl’s room and works with our bright pink, pale pink, lavender, lilac, and aqua.  Our purple looks especially stunning when paired with our lavender.  Great for girl’s room or baby girl nursery decorating.

Neutral Colors

Cream – not too yellow and not too beige. That was our goal in finding just the right shade of off-white for a softer, neutral look. Use cream in any room but preferably on darker painted walls.

Brown – rich like chocolate, our brown is warm and inviting.  A neutral shade that coordinates with all our colors, our brown looks elegant with our pastels and warm with our bold colors.  Use in any room on lighter colored walls.

Grey – we chose a strong charcoal grey to give you an alternative to black without the harshness black can bring. Perfect for modern décor and a soft, clean look. Use in any room on lighter colored walls.

Mocha – a stunning soft neutral that accentuates all the colors around it.  Our beige leans warm to coordinate with our brown.  Perfect for a girl, boy, or gender neutral room and lighter colored walls.

White – crisp and clean like linen, our white is the go-to shade if you are seeking a striking look.  Bright and bold on medium to dark colored walls, use our white in any room on colored walls.

Other Colors 

You might see other colors offered like "Multi" and "Natural". We use this kind of nomenclature when there is not a clearly dominant color in the wall decal design. Additionally, our designer collection may include colors outside of the weeDECOR color palette.