How to Apply weeDECOR Wall Decals

weeDECOR wall decals are an easy way to bring to life a room theme or to add a touch of fun. Read more about how to apply wall decals to your wall in just a few minutes below.

For best results, be sure to apply your wall decals to a clean dry surface. If your wall paint is new, please wait 30 days to apply. Also, apply when the decals are at room temperature and after they have been laid flat for a few hours.

Some of our more intricate wall decals may include transfer tape. This is a clear tape that is applied on top of the decals to help align the decals properly. You may find transfer tape applied to your decals, particularly if you ordered personalized merchandise or a wall quote.

If your wall decals include transfer tape, follos the instructions below:

1) Decide where you would like your decals to hang on the wall. It may be easier to tape the decal sheet to the wall and use a pencil to note their position. Be sure to use paint-safe tape.

2) Place the decals transfer tape side down on a smooth surface. Use a credit card or like object to scrape against the back of the transfer tape. The objective is to make sure the transfer tape sticks to the decals as much as possible so you can remove the white backing and leave the transfer tape intact.

3) Gently pull the sticker backing away from the decals, but parallel to your working surface, leaving the decals adhered to the transfer tape.

4) Apply the decals and transfer tape to the wall using your pencil marks as guidance. Smooth the decals and transfer tape firmly with your hands to remove any bubbles.

5) Remove the transfer tape by pulling it awy from the decals parallel to the wall - either left to right or top to bottom.

If you are not satisfied with the placement, you can remove each of the decals individually to your preferred position. Note that the paper backing can prove handy as a way to store or transport the decals should you need.