Wall Decals - Versatility for Kid's Room Decor

Wall decals are a great option for your nursery or kid's room. They are easy to apply, to remove, and come in practically any style or color you desire.  Wall decals, sometimes referred to as wall graphics, wall appliqués, or wall stickers, are a new wall décor product made possible in recent years by advancements in adhesive and printing technologies.  Wall decals were first made popular in France, but this popularity has spread throughout the world. Made of extremely thin adhesive vinyl, wall decals do not leave residue on your walls upon removal nor do they damage your walls.  This makes them an attractive alternative to hand-painted wall murals and stencils which can be expensive and labor intensive, and hanging art that requires you to put holes in your walls.  Additionally, wall decals can last 3-5 years without peeling. Removable wall decals are easy to apply.  The adhesive vinyl comes “sandwiched” between two pieces of material – a paper matte backing and a clear-colored transfer tape. To apply, simply peel off the matte backing leaving the decal attached just to the transfer tape. Then, apply the decal and transfer tape to the wall space of your choosing.  Finally, peel away the transfer tape pulling directly towards the ground. To remove wall decals, simply peel them away from your wall with your fingers or a blunt tool. Because they are easy to apply and to remove, wall decals can be changed with the season like your throw pillows or as a child moves from a nursery to a big kid room. // //

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