Precious Animal Nursery Wall Hangings

[caption id="attachment_286" align="aligncenter" width="461" caption="Nursery wall hangings from Wee Gallery"]Nursery wall hangings from Wee Gallery[/caption] We happened upon these precious nursery wall hangings from Wee Gallery and just had to share.  The garden-themed wall canvases above are bright and cheery - perfect for the nursery or kid's bedroom.  Wee Gallery prides itself on designing art that is age-appropriate for your child's stage of development.  They use striking black and white graphic design to help engage babies at their earliest stages.  These wall hangings are priced at $60. Wee Gallery has other products such as wall decals and wall stickers as well as non-wall decor products for your home.   And, their art comes in popular nursery themes such as safari, nature, aquarium, and jungle.  They have the cutest turtles!

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