7 Steps on How to Decorate a Girl’s Nursery

Since you will be spending a lot of time in your baby girl’s nursery, it is important that it brings as much solace and happiness to you as it does your baby girl. This is a pretty quick, tactical how-to list to get you going, so we encourage you not to take it too seriously.  In general, have fun, be creative, and be you  :)
  1. Prioritize. Some moms want to fit within a specified budget. Some moms know they want a flower theme or have a particular home furnishings brand in mind (Pottery Barn Kids, for example). Determining your priorities before you begin will ensure your nursery decorating project is successful.  Revisit your priorities after every step.
  2. Make a list. Think about the function of your baby girl’s nursery. What are all the things you need?  Crib, changing table, storage, etc.  Use our quick checklist or make your own.
  3. Research and record. This is the fun part!  Browse the baby stores (we like the boutiques because of their unique selection). Buy home décor magazines. Read baby décor blogs (maybe weeDECOR? :) ). Browse Flickr for “baby nursery”. There is no shortage of ideas out there whether it is pink vs. purple or modern vs. classic? Keep a journal or bookmark web pages of what you like.  Be sure your ideas are aligning with your priorities.
  4. Select a crib. This is THE one piece of nursery furniture you must have and will likely be the focal point of your baby’s room.  BUT, don’t buy until you do step 4 – just in case you change your mind.  We encourage you to consider a crib that converts to a toddler bed for convenience. We put this step here because it is easier to decorate around a piece of furniture than it is to decorate an empty room.
  5. Choose your defining decor. Your defining décor is the one color, fabric, piece of furniture that is going to define the look of your nursery.  While everyone is different, we find most moms start with a defining color. For baby girl room décor, those colors tend to be a shade of pink, purple or green. Most moms start with bedding in their defining color. But, you can just as easily start with a special fabric for a comfy glider or great shade of wall paint. Double check whether they fit your priorities .
  6. Accessorize!  We lied. THIS is the fun part. Once you have chosen your defining décor, look for pieces on your list that work with it.  For example, if you have chosen petal pink wall paint, start looking for bedding that includes a shade of that pink.  If you have chosen butterfly bedding, look for butterfly-themed wall décor.  If you have chosen a one-of-a-kind patterned glider, pick a color in the fabric for your wall paint and baby bedding.
  7. Check your list – Double check your list to make sure you have everything. Revisit your priorities to make sure you were true to them.
And, finally, spend some time in that nursery relaxing since those moments of quiet may be a bit less frequent than they are now.

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