Ocean and Fish Nursery Wall Decor

One of our favorite themes for nursery decoration is a fish, ocean or aquarium theme.  It’s fun, soothing, whimsical, & oh-so-ever stylish.  Ocean themes are also one of the most popular baby nursery themes around so you should have no problems finding matching bedding and accessories.

Or for a more modern touch, stay with nursery bedding in solid colors or simple lines, and use nursery hangings on the walls to accentuate your ocean theme.  For example, a wooden anchor hanging on the wall adds a unique and authentic touch to a nautical inspired room for baby boy.  Or add a wall decal or sticker of Ariel and her magical underwater sea creatures, from The Little Mermaid, for a cute & fun underwater design for baby girl. We also love these ocean & fish themed wall hangings from MyWonderfulWalls.  You’ll be sure to transport your guests to an underwater paradise with these ready-to-hang ocean themed kid’s wall canvases.  At $45 each, they are a fun & affordable way to transform your ocean inspired room into a modern baby nursery.

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