Swimmingly Sweet Turtle Nursery Wall Mural

Turtle Nursery Wall Mural
Turtle Nursery Wall Mural
We were inspired by this swimmingly sweet turtle nursery decor designed by Cocola.  The wall mural is precious!  They used ocean blue wall paint to create the sea and then added wall appliques or wall decals in turtle and polkadot designs.  The wall hangings are a nice way to bring a visual anchor to the wall. The color palette is fabulous - both classic, yet modern using a cool blue to bring calm and a light olive green to bring warmth.  The lighter wall design works well with the darker furniture and furnishings in the room so that upon entering, you feel like you are in the calm, warm seas of the tropics. How delightful!
We love this aquarium-like baby room theme for both baby girls' and baby boys' rooms - although it is hard to give up an opportunity to decorate in pink should you have a girl :)
You can buy the decor set at many retailers but we found this one at Maternity and Baby Shopping Mart.  A six piece set including sheet, bumper, valence, diaper bag, quilt, and dust ruffle is a very reasonable $169. The wall appliqués sell for $16 and the nursery wall hangings for $33. We wouldn't necessarily recommend buying everything (they also sell the mobile, lamp, and pillow) as that would be overkill. But, we wanted to point out the color scheme and the wall mural as being especially cute. [caption id="attachment_4903" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Sea Turtle Nursery Wall Decor by weeDECOR"]Sea Turtle Nursery Decor. Sea Turtle Nursery Wall Decor[/caption] If you're not up for painting a mural, consider weeDECOR's sea turtle wall decals. Easy to apply and easy to remove, these little sea turtles will look swimmingly sweet in your little one's room. Add our fish wall mural for extra seaweed, fish, and sea shells for a bigger look. For more great ideas on nursery wall decor, be sure to see our other posts.

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