A (So Not) Neutral Nursery Theme

[caption id="attachment_533" align="aligncenter" width="512" caption="A (Not) Neutral Nursery Theme"]A (Not) Neutral Nursery Theme[/caption] When most of us think of a neutral nursery, we think beige, yellow, or green which can, frankly, look a little boring at times.  Since we all know the baby nursery is the most playful room in the house, it needs to be anything but boring.  That is why we love the idea of using bright and vibrant colors to make what could be described as neutral so 'not'. This crib is from Petit Tresor, a Los Angeles based baby furnishings company, and we think it is a brilliant example of an impossible-to-be-boring neutral baby room.  Great for a boy or girl's baby room, the blue, orange, yellow, and green color palette will make it feel like summer every day. We must warn you.  The price of the crib alone is a shocker ($1200).  If this is as hard to handle for you as it is for us, consider what you could do with some good white baby furniture and some great shades of paint.  We love how they dressed up the nursery with bears on the wall shelf and that cute giraffe - that giraffe wall decor piece is especially good.  Note that you need to do very little with wall color given the vibrancy of the color in the baby furniture. For more nursery theme ideas, see our other baby room theme finds.

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