Choo Choo Train Wall Decals – How Adorable!

Our boys absolutely love anything having to do with trains.  At the sight of any railroad tracks, my two-year old starts shouting “choo choo train coming”.   And while he has just about every Thomas the Train rail road car and GeoTrax train seat available, we weren’t about to go out and spend hundreds of more dollars on brand-new train bedding and accessories.  That’s why we were absolutely delighted to find these cute Choo Choo Train wall decals on Etsy.   The first train decal is from Etsy seller LewasDesigns for about $38 and the second train decal is from Etsy seller DecorDesigns for about $35.  Even more spectacular, you can specify the color, allowing these decals to enhance or contrast any existing color palette that you’ve chosen for your room or walls choo choo train wall decalsteam train wall decal

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