Soothing Sailboats for a Nautical Themed Baby Boy Nursery

[caption id="attachment_672" align="aligncenter" width="410" caption="Nautical Theme for Decorating a Baby Boy's Nursery "]Nautical Theme for Decorating a Baby Boy's Nursery [/caption] Have you been searching for a more subtle baby room theme?  If so, we’ve found the perfect one for you.  This fresh, understated nautical themed bedding for a baby boy nursery is just the right balance of cute and classic.  It’s clean and simple in baby blue and chocolate brown with adorable little sailboats and helms.  The fabric used for the baby bedding (100% cotton with ultra-suede and terrycloth accents) is super soft adding to the overall calm and classic effect. We really like the shade of blue of the wall paint and in the bedding - not too pastel, not too grey.  The walls are unadorned with wall decor (though we think a few sail boat wall hangings could be cute) eliciting the feeling that you are gazing into the vast, open ocean itself. We found this classic nautical themed decor at OurBabyBedding. The 4-piece baby bedding set includes 4 slip-covered bumpers, a coverlet, a sheet and a bed skirt all for under $120 - a reasonable price for cozy bedding to help your little one have soothing dreams of sailing the ocean. Don't miss our other fun baby boy decor and theme nursery ideas.

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