Go Safari with a Giraffe Wall Decal Growth Chart

[caption id="attachment_682" align="aligncenter" width="397" caption="safari giraffe growth chart wall decal "]giraffe growth chart wall decal [/caption] We were so proud this year when we took our two boys to Legoland and the two-year old was just tall enough to make it on all the 34" minimum height requirement rides.  It made us realize how fast our little ones were growing up and that we should be recording these milestones.  Upon returning home, we searched all over for cute growth charts to hang in our boys' rooms.  Lo and behold, we found this fun safari wall decal of a giraffe by Etsy seller Single Stone Studios.  The turtle by the giraffe's side is a cute and clever contrast.   The giraffe wall decal is also reasonably priced at $44.  The growth chart wall decal of course comes in a range of colors to fit your existing nursery or kids room color palette.

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