Personalized Monogram Nursery Wall Lettering for a Girls Room

We love the idea of doing monogram lettering above the crib with your baby’s or child’s initials.  We found this monogrammed nursery wall letting for a girl’s room at Posh Tots.  We love the soft, elegant & dramatic flourish this gives the room.  Personalize with your little princess’ monogrammed initials in her favorite color and she will indeed live happily ever after. Personalized Monogram Nursery Wall Lettering The monogrammed lettering above is a wall decal and has a water based adhesive, so it will leave no residue on the wall when you are ready for a change. It comes in a flat finish so it looks like paint.  We also love the wall decal idea because they are so easy to apply, no paint mess ups, and yet they still give the walls a fresh look. If you’re looking for other monogrammed options besides wall decals, there’s stenciled lettering that come in all different sizes or your own hand painted project.  Both are a bit more tedious and labor-intensive than wall decals but can also be incredibly rewarding as there’s no substitute for your own sweat and tears to show your endless love for your baby or child.

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