Princess & Fairy Tale Nursery Décorating Ideas

princess nursery decor The most popular girl's room décor is princess.  We found this beautiful princess nursery on Project Nursery. We love what mom Shannon did to create this magical fairy tale room for her own little princess, Taylor.  After all, who wouldn’t love the soft pink and cream colors, romantic chandelier and whimsical butterflies in this beautiful nursery?  This nursery is traditional yet soft and feminine, but also with a hint of fantasy.  We also love what was done with the walls, which included painting wide beige stripes and adding hand-painted trees to create a magical fairytale touch to the room. To create your own fairy tale look for your own little princess, we suggest the following decorating ideas: Walls Start with pink walls and create a two-tone look, for example what mom Shannon did with the beige stripes or paint the top of the walls a light pink and the bottom a darker shade of pink. Once the wall has been painted, consider adding an elegant mural to give the walls some flair.  For example, mom Shannon added a tree right out of a fairy tale story. You could also paint a castle mural or a scene out of one of your favorite princess stories. If you don’t have the budget or time for a painted-on mural, try adding any number of wall decals to create a fairy tale look for your princess’ nursery. For example, we have a gorgeous selection of tree wall decals that come in mocha, brown, or cream with sage and apple green leaves that can give you a comparable look. Accessories Consider adding a sheer white or pink canopy over the bed or crib.  A canopy of the bed will add the feeling of royalty to the nursery.  The bedding can be a neutral color like cream or white with hints of pink detailing. Add a vanity to create a true princess feeling to the room. Consider a wood vanity with a vintage feel and curved mirror and a white or pink base. Complete the look of the room off with a collection of princess accessories or other décor that adds flair to the room. We love the white & pink butterflies hanging from the Taylor’s nursery, but other princess accessories could be pink rug, chandelier, night lamp, clock, chair or dress-up chest. And last, but not least, be sure to personalize your princess room with your baby girl's name. You can use hanging wall letters as shown here or try our extensive collection of personalized girl name wall decals which look like beautifully stenciled wall letters without the mess of paint.

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