Moon and Stars Space Theme Kids Room Decorating

Our 4 year old Ethan already talks about becoming an astronaut and going to outer space to explore planets, stars and moons.  We wanted therefore to find kids room décor that would ignite his young imagination and help him dream of traveling to far away spaces in this great universe of ours.
We found these simple yet fun Moon & Star nursery and kids room wall decals at Curly Cue.  This Moon and Star set comes in 4 different colors and sells for $15 so certainly an easy and affordable way to decorate your baby or kids room.  We know that Ethan’s imagination will be sparked as he falls asleep staring at these moon and stars, dreaming of endless possibilities.
[caption id="attachment_809" align="alignleft" width="432" caption="Stars and Moon Kids Room Wall Decals"]Stars and Moon Kids Room Wall Decals[/caption]

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