A Green Polka Dot Nursery for a Happy Baby Room

[caption id="attachment_842" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Green polka dot nursery with dragonfly & butterfly decor"]Green polka dot nursery with dragonfly & butterfly decor[/caption] We found this green polka dot nursery from Alli Taylor and our creative juices started to flow!  Green is such a versatile color for a baby room and polka dots lend tons of fexibility to your decorating.  This shade of green, in particular, is appropriate for a boy or girl nursery.  It can be brightened up with white or sun yellow accents.  Or, green can be toned down with chocolate brown, mocha, or beige.  Alli Taylor decorated with an insect themed nursery in mind by embroidering the reversible bumper with butterflies and dragonflies and adorning with like wall hangings.  So cute!  You could easily make this theme a bit more boy-friendly by decorating with turtle and frog wall canvases or removable wall decals.  Think about introducing other patterns and texture to the polka dots.  We found the luxurious white shag carpet shown in the photo inspiring. It's a unique touch that brings the warmth and coziness we crave in our baby rooms.  You can create texture with more earth-friendly materials such as a natural grass woven floor mat which would bring a more earthy, modern feel to the nursery. The 4 piece polka dot baby bedding set (currently on sale for $129), valence, lamp, and wall hangings can all be found at Baby's 'R Us. See our other inspiring ideas for a themed nursery.

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