Ogling Over Orange Leopards, Lions, & Other Cats for Unique Nursery Decor

[caption id="attachment_980" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="Orange lion organic baby bedding and decor"]Orange lion organic baby bedding and decor[/caption] We love the idea of using orange in a nursery.  It's a statement-making color that shouts modern, stylish, and fun. We especially love it when the color is used in a way perfectly fit for a kid's room.  This organic bedding set from Pixel Organics does just that.  Orange is the primary color in the decor accented by beautiful matching cats - an orange striped tiger, a spotted leopard, a soft black cat, a peach cat, all with friendly faces bringing lots of smiles to your feline themed baby room.  The addition of the bamboo-like pattern complements the bedding with an element of nature bringing realism to the room. We love the clean lines of the cats, the modern white and brown crib, and the brown wood rocking chair.  And, the punchy throw pillows are a nice touch.  The surprising olive green wall paint softens the sharpness of the orange and white color scheme bringing an earthy feel to the room. Pixel Organics takes their company mission seriously by sourcing their 100% organic cotton products from Turkey and India and producing them in the US.  Their bedding is made with 100% certified organic cotton and their bumpers and comforters are filled with recycled PET (beverage bottle) fill that emits zero measurable VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to help reduce waste. The 4 piece bedding set comes with a reversible comforter, a reversible bumper, a fitted sheet, and crib skirt and sells for $390. See our other baby room ideas for more creative nursery decor.

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