Delicious Shades of No VOC Wall Paint from PB Kids

[caption id="attachment_1036" align="aligncenter" width="383" caption="No VOC Lily Lavender Wall Paint from PBKids"]No VOC Lily Lavender Wall Paint from PBKids[/caption] Wall paint is such an easy and low cost way to bring life to your nursery or kid's room. But, it can be challenging to find that 'just right' color and eco-friendly solution (read: no VOC, low odor) you feel comfortable putting on your baby's walls. Pottery Barn Kids has been working with Benjamin Moore for a few years now helping you with wall paint ideas to match your kid's decor.  They have just introduced their latest fall/winter colors in a beautiful selection we adore in Benjamin Moore’s eco-friendly Natura® formula. This zero-VOC and nearly odorless wall paint is great for kid-friendly spaces not only because it is enviornmentally friendly, but also because it covers well and withstands repeated scrubbings from little sticky fingers. The colors are lavishly named using delicious words such as Raspberry Truffle, Pink Cadillac, Cedar Green, and Blue Marguerite.  Above we show the Lily Lavender shade in a girl's room.  Their wall paint is available in an Eggshell or a Semi-gloss finish.  The Eggshell finish provides a softly polished look and an easy to clean surface ideal for children’s walls. The Semi-gloss finish stands up well to repeated cleanings, and is recommended for moldings and trim. These paints are only available online and we highly encourage you to sample the colors before committing.  Because the shades are custom mixed, they are not returnable.  Pottery Barn Kids sells their wall paint in one gallon cans but offers an eight-ounce color sample kit for testing your walls.  They also sell their fan deck for $2 so you can see all the colors. See our other articles for low or no VOC wall paint recommendations for your kid's rooms.

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