The Alma Crib - a Stylish Solution for a Modern Pack N' Play

[caption id="attachment_1047" align="aligncenter" width="495" caption="The Alma Crib - a modern and stylish solution for small spaces"]The Alma Crib - a modern and stylish solution for small spaces[/caption] The Pack n' Play is handy. And, it's convenient. And, it's pretty durable.  But, it's just not all that cute.  Lucky for us, there is a new trend towards more modern-looking, portable cribs that are easier on the eye. The Alma Crib - a high style, fold-up crib - is a perfect example of this.  It is cute AND functional - too often those words are in conflict with one another when it comes to home decor.  The Alma Crib was designed with the urban decorator in mind.  It is perfect if you have a small living space, are looking for a second crib at grandma's house, or if you have a minimalist design aesthetic in mind for your nursery. The Alma crib can serve all of these purposes. The modern crib has two mattress height settings.  A bassinet setting for a newborn and a lower height setting to be used for a child up to a two years old.  And, the colors are just marvelous!  They have white, grey, and brown cappuccino for a gender neutral feel.  And, they have a punchy lime green and orange for the more bold. The Alma Crib is by Bloom Baby. Bloom Baby was founded by four dads who wanted to bring meaningful innovation and contemporary design to  baby products.  These dads also have heart for the environment.  Bloom Baby crafts their alma crib from solid birch wood from certified sustainable wood forests. The wood is independently tested to be free of wood PCP and other toxic wood preservatives. Sold at retailers across the US, you can find it online at Baby Bliss for $400.  Pricier than a Pack n' Play.  But, that much cuter. See our other articles on unique baby room ideas.

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