Ode to a Butterfly. The Search for Unique Butterfly Decor Complete.

  [caption id="attachment_1062" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Pink butterfly wall or ceiling decor for a little girl's room"]Pink butterfly wall or ceiling decor for a little girl's room[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1064" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Lavender nursery with beautiful butterfly wall decor"]Lavender nursery with beautiful butterfly wall decor[/caption]

Choosing decor for a baby girl is not as easy as it may seem. Especially when you desire to design a unique kids' room theme.

There are bumblebees and dragonflies and baby birds that tweet. Flower themes or polka dots or ladybugs so sweet.  

A nature theme could make sense - decorate with clouds, sun, and sky. But for our baby girl, the choice is clear - we choose the butterfly.

The End :)

Butterfly decor is a popular choice in girl's room decorating which leaves the biggest challenge as finding unique decorative items to make the theme your own. Bugs-n-Blooms has a creative solution. They design and create nylon decorative butterflies with soft bendable, wire frames and embellish with multi-layered nylon fabrics, sparkling sequins, color matched glitter, and a crystal beaded butterfly body with color matched antennas.  The butterflies come in great kids' colors such as pink, featured above, purple, lavender, yellow, green, blue, and white. And, there are so many creative ways to display these beauties!  Create a collage of wall decor as seen in the lavender, butterfly themed nursery above and accent with flowers, ladybugs and other butterfly wall decals or wall hangings.  Hang them from the ceiling and create a soothing rain forest feel.  If your little girl has a  canopy bed, attach them to fishing line and wrap them around the poles of the canopy to help her doze off to dreamland.  For those less interested in a craft project, Bugs-n-Blooms has easier decor solutions that are just as cute such as butterfly wall letters, message boards, and butterfly wall stickers. See our other articles for more ideas on decorating with butterflies.

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