So Cute! Safari Wall Decal Collage above a Changing Table

[caption id="attachment_1185" align="aligncenter" width="540" caption="Safari Wall Decal over Baby Nursery Changing Table"]Safari Wall Decal over Baby Nursery Changing Table[/caption] We love creative wall decor in the nursery and Pottery Barn Kids always does it so well.  Although not for sale, we felt it was worth sharing our appreciation for this decorative safari wall decal (or wall stencil) arrangement above their Madison changing table. Delightful for a boy's room and so perfectly fitting in the nook between the shelves and table, these safari animals brings smiles to us and will be sure to do so to your little one.  Use these wall stickers to enhance your safari or jungle themed room.  Or, add a little pizazz to your kid's wall. In this wall decal collage, the monkey wall decal playfully pulls on the elephant's tail.  The elephant wall decal cleverly looking at the giraffe.  And, the lion wall decal being his typical king-like self, turns away from the shannaningans.  The wall decal arrangement so cleverly tells a story you can share with your wee one. It is not hard to recreate this look or design something similar.  There are safari wall decals at giggle (search on "wall stickers") on etsy (search on "wall decals"), and elsewhere in stores and online.  Here is a set from Dwell Studio on Amazon. Should you choose to go the wall stencil route, a little digging will get you far.  Search "animals" on Wall to Wall Stencils for some nice modern, safari animal silhouettes. See our other articles for creative kids' wall decor and wall decals for baby rooms.

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