Custom Painted ToyBox, Wall Letters, & Other Nursery Decor

[caption id="attachment_1230" align="aligncenter" width="495" caption="Personalized Hand Painted Toybox for a Kid's Room"]Personalized Hand Painted Toybox for a Kid's Room[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1228" align="aligncenter" width="486" caption="Hand Painted Wall Letters for Kids' Rooms and Nurseries"]Hand Painted Wall Letters for Kids' Rooms and Nurseries[/caption] We love pretty things that makes a child's room special which is why we love Laughy Taffy Designs, maker of hand-painted, customized children's decor.   Laughy Taffy Designs was started by Leigh Anne Cagle who was a preschool teacher creating those fun, colorful bulletin boards we oogle over. She realized her true calling when a co-worker asked her to help accessorize her grandbaby’s room. Voila!  Now we have Laughy Taffy Designs.  Leigh Anne's touch, or shall we say brush, brings to life so many of our nursery and kids room favorites.  For example, her wall letters are a stylish and fun way to personalize your child's room and they are one-of-a-kind.  Wall letters create that personal touch and Leigh Anne can make that more so.  For your little girl, she can create wall letters in your favorite decorating colors such as pink and green or pink and brown.  She can design with fun patterns like polka dots, gingham, and stripes and embellish with flowers, bumblebees, and butterflies.  For your little boy, she does a great job with your favorite comic book heroes like Batman and Spiderman and the traditional nursery animals like lions and giraffes. And, her toybox is so cute!  The beautiful color combinations and personalized touch ensure it will remain a family heirloom for generations. A must-have for every little girl and boy.  Laughy Taffy has other wall decor pieces, rocking chairs, waste baskets, personalized Christmas tree ornaments, and more - all with a custom brush. For more wall letters and other creative baby room ideas, see our other articles.

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