Prayers for Anissa Mayhew

We have recently received word that popular mommy blogger Anissa Mayhew suffered a stroke on Tuesday afternoon and is in the ICU.  Anissa, 35, is a wife and mother of three in Atlanta. She began her blogging career three years ago when her youngest daughter Peyton, 5, was diagnosed with cancer.  As a way to vent and keep her sanity, she launched her first blog Hope 4 Peyton.  Anissa is currently the leader of Aiming Low, a group of moms and bloggers celebrating the imperfection of life. As bloggers and supporter of moms, we wanted to express our sympathies to Anissa and her family.   Her friends are collecting money via PayPal to go towards gift cards to restaurants, movies, Blockbuster, etc. to help keep her kids’ occupied and gas/hotel gift cards for her extended family should you want to donate. Please say your prayers for Anissa.

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