25 Wall Border Ideas for Decorating Boys' Rooms

  [caption id="attachment_1306" align="aligncenter" width="557" caption="Choo Choo Train Wall Border for a Boy's Room"]Choo Choo Train Wall Border for a Boy's Room[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1307" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Car and Traffic Wall Border for a Boy's Room"]Car and Traffic Wall Border for a Boy's Room[/caption]  For those of you who were inspired by our wall border ideas for girls, we hope to impress you as well with our boy wall border ideas.  Find 25 creative wall border ideas to create a playful and personal room for your little boy. 1) Trains - Choo choo trains chugging along the chair rail as pictured above.  These choo choo trains featured above were made with paint and wall stencils from Wall to Wall Stencils.  So cute! 2) Safari - Elephants, giraffes, lions, and tigers parading around the room at eye level on the wall.  Perfect for a jungle or safari themed nursery. 3) Elephants - The pride of the safari parade.  Envision one elephant's trunk holding on to  another elephant's tail and repeating this pattern.  Try stencils or wall stickers to achieve this look. 4) Cars - Honk for colorful cars!  Create a line of cars in vibrant boy colors like blue, red, green, orange, and yellow for a colorful, playful wall.  Or, stick to the colors of your decor for a more subtle look. 5) Traffic - Add buses, roads, taxis, fire trucks, and stop signs to create a traffic-themed wall border.  Here is a cute set on eBay. 6) Fire trucks - Ah, the beautiful reds of fire trucks.  A classic theme.  Create a wall border above the base board to enthrall your little one.  Would be gorgeous with the toy fire truck we found recently. 7) Fish - Different colors for a bright and bold statement.  Or, all in white if you are putting them against a blue painted wall and would like a more modern feel. 8) Turtles - There is so much cute turtle baby decor out there!  Make your own silhouettes or look for wallpaper border.  9) Paw prints - Paw prints would look very cute framing a mirror or a door.  DIY wall stencils or removable wall stickers would work best.  10) Trucks - Dump trucks, cement trucks, fire trucks, and more.  Create a truck border at eye level for lots of smiles from him. 11) Planets - Get him started early with science.  Look for removable vinyl wall stickers at the mass merchandisers and align along the wall near the ceiling. 12) Stars and Moons - Help your baby boy doze away to the beauty of a star and moon wall border.  Definitely put this near the ceiling and even on the ceiling for the full night sky effect.  Get glow in the dark wall stickers for extra nighttime fun. 13) Alphabet and Numbers - OK.  We cheated and borrowed this from the girl's list.  But alphabet and number wall borders are great for a gender neutral themed baby room, bedroom, or playroom.  14) Farm animals - Sheep, pigs, horses, chickens, and a little red barn.  Here are some cute farm wall stencils from Oriental Trading.  15) Swinging Monkeys - Envision little monkeys holding bananas swinging from vines across the wall.  Look for stencils or wall stickers to bring this vision to life. 16) Race cars - For your speedster who loves race tracks and race cars, here is a cute set of race car wall stickers from Bright Star Kids 17) Sports Balls - Footballs, basketballs, and baseballs. Prep your future sports star for fame with a wall border around the ceiling.  It should be easy to find wallpaper border, wall stencils, or wall stickers to create this look. 18) Sailboats - Sail, sail, sail away in your little boy's nautical themed nursery or kid's room.  Cute little sailboats sailing across the changing table or over the crib would be precious. 19) Cowboy - Giddy up!  Think spurs, hats, and little boots in a wall border.  What a fun theme to build around!  A rocking horse in the corner.  Cowboy hats hanging from the wall.  Oh-so-cute! 20) Frogs - Frogs jumping over one another above the changing table would be adorable. 21) Dinosaurs - Check out this colorful set of dinosaur wall decals from La Te Tots.  So cute walking across the grass in a dinosaur themed kids room. 22) Guitars - Envision mini guitars interspersed with music notes.  Use stencils and a modern paint color to create a contemporary wall border with clean lines and design. 23) Airplanes - Zooming across the wall at eye-level for your wee one.  Embellish with a few clouds. 24) Comic book heroes - Spider-man and Superman.  Need we say more?  Search for wallpaper borders in the mass merchandise stores like Target, WalMart, and Amazon. 25) Shapes - Squares, circles, triangles and other fun geometric shapes in blues and yellows would be a cute border around the ceiling of a boy's bedroom.  Or, use the primary colors and create a border in the playroom.  Have a girl?  See our 25 creative wall border ideas for girls. Or, find more ideas for wall stickers, paint, and stencils to create lovely wall borders for your kids' rooms.

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