Princess Wall Stickers for your Disney Fan

[caption id="attachment_1511" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Princess Wall Stickers for Decorating Girls' Rooms"]Princess Wall Stickers for Decorating Girls' Rooms[/caption] If your house is like ours, the day after Christmas consists of dressing up in Tinkerbell costumes, Princess and the Frog makeup sessions at the new vanity set, watching the Mulan DVD, and various other Disney princess activities. So, why not bring on the rest of the party and decorate the house with princess wall stickers? It can be challenging to find princess wall decals or wall stickers without too much cheese but this princess, castle, and horse wall sticker set could be cute in a playroom or a princess themed kid's room.  The set comes in a pink, white, and light green color palette with cute heart themed trees. From, these princess wall stickers are removable (phew!) and won't damage your walls.  And, if they keep the after-Christmas entertaining activities going that much longer, we are all for them. See our website for more wall sticker ideas for your kids rooms in fun themes such flowersbutterflies, and birds.

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