Lessons in How to Make a Neutral Nursery Pop

[caption id="attachment_1647" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Grey Painted Modern Nursery or Kids Room"]Grey Painted Modern Nursery or Kids Room[/caption] Even experienced interior designers can take lessons from architect Julie Fisher who gutted her Chicago Bucktown neighborhood two flat and turned into a single-family home a few years ago. Using a color palette of neutral greys, beiges, browns, whites, and a modern bent, Fisher created a sumptuously modern girl's room that oozes sophistication and fun. Using modern furniture, patterned fabrics, Benjamin Moore's Old Salem Gray wall paint, and a funky Retro Squares wallpaper from Chicago's Urban Source, Fisher created a modern neutral kid's room that pops.  Here are three lessons we can all use when decorating with a neutral color palette. 1) Embrace patterns - Whether it's the bedding, the wall, or some other part of the room, find a pattern to make your neutral color palette pop.  Both the bedding and the wallpaper play this part in Fisher's child's room.  The modern brown and white polka dotted comforter and the the modern geometric shapes in the wallpaper bring the visual interest that often is reserved for bright colors in kids' rooms. 2) Create color contrast - Use paint, fabrics, or accent pieces to create strong color contrast.  Fisher did this by painting her floor molding white providing a nice contrast against the hardwood floors and grey wall paint as well as by using a white changing pad on a dark wood changing table. 3) Showcase a "not" neutral - What better way to accentuate neutrality than by juxtaposing it next to something that is not?  Fisher did this with just a splash of color in her throw pillows and wall decor.  The blue throw pillow on the bed and the bluebird on the wall hanging present that not neutral blue against the greys and browns making them pop even more than they would without that splash of blue.

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