Personalized, DIY Nursery Wall Hangings for the less DIY Inclined

[caption id="attachment_1829" align="aligncenter" width="491" caption="Personalized DIY Nursery Wall Hangings"]Personalized DIY Nursery Wall Hangings[/caption]
Pink and Blue Frame Decor for Nursery Wall Hangings
Pink and Blue Nursery Wall Hanging Accents
[caption id="attachment_1826" align="aligncenter" width="350" caption="Orange & Blue Floral Nursery Wall Hanging Accents"]Orange & Blue Floral Nursery Wall Hanging Accents[/caption] Not a DIYer, but strive to be?  Here are some clever personalized, “DIY” wall hangings for those of us less inclined DIYers who may just need a little help. Frame that Name allows you to select from multiple fonts, frames, and decorative accents to create that perfectly unique, personalized wall hanging for your baby nursery.  It’s DIY without the shopping and, better yet, without the mess.    Frame that Name’s personalized wall hangings are offered by baby products company Whispers of Joy. Started by mom, MJ, the way many companies get started – a lack of baby products on the market that she really liked, she used her inspiring “finding things to make better” attitude to create Whispers of Joy.  Her first product, Perfect Pacis pacifiers, evolved because she hated all the pacifiers out there.  Her Sort-n-Stash pockets for diaper bags zoomed out of her own sewing machine to help with that never ending mess in her diaper bag.  And, her Frame that Name products were a fun way to add personality to her nursery wall decor in a custom, coordinated way.  MJ strives to spread joy to others through her DIY creations, inspiring the do-it-yourselfer in all of us.  Lucky for us, she loves taking a crack at new products with her own craftiness.  Above is an example of a Frame Your Name wall hanging framing each letter of a child's name.  First, choose your frame from a selection of antique, black, white, silver, or light colored wood.  Then, provide your child’s name, select a hanging ribbon color, and choose one of her gorgeous color themes.  Two of our favorites are the pink, blue, and chocolate brown “Dainty Summers” and orange, blue, and white “Burst of Orange” shown above.  Finally, choose from fun embellishments like buttons, ribbons, and other doo-dads to make your design really unique.  And, voila – your own uniquely designed DIY personalized wall hanging for your wee one! MJ would be happy to help you with fonts, type style choices and pretty much anything else to help make your baby’s name wall hanging unique. Just let her know. See our other articles, for more ideas on other nursery wall hangings, wall letter hangings, or personalized wall decals for your baby’s room.

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