A Sigh for the Beauty of the Butterfly – Wall Art for your Baby Girl

[caption id="attachment_2015" align="aligncenter" width="280" caption="Pink Butterfly Wall Art for a Girl's Room"]Pink Butterfly Wall Art for a Girl's Room[/caption]
Green & Pink Butterfly Canvas for a Girl's Room
Green & Pink Butterfly Canvas for a Girl's Room
[caption id="attachment_2014" align="aligncenter" width="280" caption="Orange & Blue Butterfly Wall Art for a Girl's Room"]Orange & Blue Butterfly Wall Art for a Girl's Room[/caption] These delightful butterfly wall canvases from Green Frog Art are beautiful enough not only to use when decorating your baby girl’s nursery, but also to outlast it.  And, Green Frog Art would be quite pleased with that.  They specialize in children’s furnishings that are sophisticated enough that families would continue to enjoy them after baby has grown. Priding themselves on a selection of home furnishings that are as stylish in other parts of the home as they are in the nursery, find hand painted furniture and decorative accessories such as wall art, lamps, tables and chairs, rocking chairs, step stools, and toy chests. We think their appealing and vast selection of wall art, such as these butterfly wall hangings, is the most notable of their offering. Part of a collection called “Girls Rule”, this 6” x 6” pink and white butterfly gallery wrapped wall canvas is a classic colored piece of art with modern flair.  You can also find flowers and modern polka dots in the collection if you like the style. Part of their “Cookies and Cream” collection, this 11" x 14" butterfly gallery wrapped wall canvas uses a giclee printing process for richness.  This piece would be great in a whimsical styled baby nursery with other butterfly and floral décor.  The sage green and pale pink with a touch of chocolate brown is particularly nice.   Finally, for a contemporary look, “Flutterbies” is a 6” x 6” piece of modern butterfly wall art that shines with its bright oranges, blues, yellows, and greens.  This piece would beautifully accent a playroom or modern girl’s nursery. For more ideas on how to decorate your baby girl’s nursery with butterflies, see our other articles on butterfly wall decals, 3D nylon butterfly wall hangings from Bugs-n-Blooms, and butterfly baby bedding from Bananafish.

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