Say It With Paper! Delightful Children’s Wall Decor Made of Paper Collages. March 07 2010

[caption id="attachment_2089" align="aligncenter" width="310" caption="Grey Elephant Paper Collage Wall Decor for a Baby or Kid's Rooms"]Grey Elephant Wall Art for Kids' Rooms[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2090" align="aligncenter" width="246" caption="Green Giraffe Paper Collage Wall Decor for a Baby or Kid's Rooms"]Green Giraffe Wall Art for Kids' Rooms[/caption]
Tree Wall Art for a Kids Rooms
Tree Paper Collage Wall Decor for a Baby or Kid's Rooms
For versatile, gorgeous, and inexpensive children’s wall decor, nothing beats paper. With a little work, you can find practically any color or design you seek and have fun experimenting with do-it-yourself paper-based wall décor for your baby's room. Of course, it’s always nice to have a little inspiration or, even better, a little help from creative folks like those at Polka Dot Grove. Polka Dot Grove is a Canadian-based outfit specializing in whimsical and unique paper collages perfect for your baby nursery or kid’s room. The idea for Polka Dot Grove was planted when founders Lisa and Sarah started looking for fun and affordable custom art for their children's nurseries and came up empty handed and discouraged. After years of creating art for children of friends and family they decided to leave their teaching careers and make Polka Dot Grove a full time endeavor. Their paper collages are an inspiration for all of us. This gorgeous modern elephant in dark and light grey is of paper with pretty and romantic details. We love the contemporary color scheme and could see this in a pale pink and charcoal grey baby girl’s room. The pretty pale blue and green giraffe is embellished with polka dots and enhanced with glass pieces for eyes – perfect for a baby boy nursery. And, this nature scene of a tree with whimsical branches is another example of their creativity and beautiful aesthetic. Polka Dot Grove’s collage’s are created by hand from layers of acid-free paper. All of their designs come from original illustrations and use embellishments to add those delightful details like those seen on the branches of the tree and the eyes of the giraffe. The collages can be displayed in any mat and frame you like. And, they will take custom orders so if you have an idea for a design or a pattern you are trying to match, they can create it. They can match any theme, color scheme, or bedding design. They can also do canvas paintings and wall murals if you prefer another format. The paper collages can come in various sizes to meet your needs (up to 12x12) and price is based on the amount of detail required to create your collage. For more ideas on using paper for children’s wall decor, see our other articles on creating baby wall letters with decorative paper from Paper Source and themed wallpaper silhouettes from Netherlands designer and artist Inke Hieland.