Decorating a Feng Shui Nursery for a Peaceful, Happy Baby & Mom

Popular in home decorating, Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art used to promote health, happiness, and prosperity. Feng shui means “wind” and “water”. Feng shui is a technique designed to bring balance to one's surroundings. With the right combination of nursery colors, décor and layout of your baby’s room, you can achieve a feng shui nursery that encourages a positive flow of energy or “chi”. Crib position is the number one thing to consider. The theory is that you want your baby to always feel safe. You should position the crib such that the head is against a wall as opposed to lengthwise. It is best not to put the crib in line with the door. Your baby should see you when you come in to avoid surprise and uncertainty. In feng shui, it is important to pay attention to scents. For example use no or low voc wall paint to avoid chemical smells and bring fresh air into baby’s room regularly by opening the window. When decorating, use simple shapes that reflect nature. Trees, birds, owls, and flowers are good choices as are décor using natural materials such as wood. Keeping the room clear of clutter improves the feng shui in the room. It helps keep the mind clear of distractions – both yours and baby’s. Finally, pay particular attention to the colors in your baby nursery. The color theory behind baby fung shui is that since the nursery is mostly a place for sleeping, you want to choose calming and soothing colors that are of pale and muted tones – white, blues, greens, yellows, and pinks. Consider this as you choose a feng shui friendly wall paint. As the child grows and the bedroom becomes a place for play, you should add bright colors such as purple to inspire creativity. No need to redecorate the whole room. Simply add bright, decorative accents like carpets, pillows, or wall décor. For advice on decorating a feng shui nursery from a feng shui expert, read more from feng shui consultant Ken Lauher who has been featured on Moving Up and NBCs Today Show. For ideas on feng shui baby décor, see these artisan wall panels, paper wall collages, and the best modern wood cribs.

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