So Soft, So Modern Baby Bedding from Olio

[caption id="attachment_2280" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Modern Aqua Raindrop Baby Bedding by Oilo"]Modern Aqua Raindrop Baby Bedding by Oilo[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2281" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Modern Navy Blue Wheel Motif Baby Bedding by Oilo"]Modern Navy Blue Wheel Motif Baby Bedding by Oilo[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2282" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Modern Cobblestone Taupe Baby Bedding by Oilo"]Modern Cobblestone Taupe Baby Bedding by Oilo[/caption] If you are seeking modern baby bedding you must check out Oilo. We love brands that have a design point of view and Oilo’s point of view shines through in every one of their products. Oilo strives to turn your nursery into the most comfortable, clean, and carefree sanctuary in your home with fresh colors, stylish design, and imaginative motifs for your baby’s room. Oilo’s name comes from Hawaiian roots as Hawaiian word "lio" means small sprout and "ho’oilo" means the cool, rainy season. One of the things we most notice about Olio is that all of their designs have a softness to them – maybe inspired by the softness of Hawaiian rain. For example, this beautiful Raindrop, aqua baby bedding is embellished with delicate pellets of raindrops on its bumper. Soft aqua and white striped crib sheets bring visual interest into the mix. Even though it is of a bolder cobalt blue, the high contrast of the bright blue and white wheel motif crib bedding is softened with the roundness of the wheels that look so cute rolling along the crib mattress. And, this taupe and white modern baby bedding set is decorated with cobblestones with soft rounded edges. You can sense the smoothness of the cobblestones with your eyes. All of these sets have a feel that is modern, clean, and serene – great ways to describe your nursery decor. We also like that all of these three baby bedding sets have gorgeous matching pendant lamps. You can find the baby bedding sets and matching pendant lamps at 2 Sweet Sisters who is having a promotion (spend $250 and get a $25 gift certificate, spend $500 and get a $75 gift certificate, spend $1,000 and get a $150). See our other articles on our picks for the 5 best modern cribs and contemporary baby bedding finds from Dwell, Picci, Pixel Organics, and retailer Design Public.

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