Sweet & Unique Owl Wall Decor

[caption id="attachment_3000" align="alignnone" width="309" caption="Owl Wall Decals by weeDECOR"]Owl Wall Decals by weeDECOR[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3006" align="alignnone" width="238" caption="3D Handpainted Owl Wall Decor from Bei Tesori"]3D Handpainted Owl Wall Decor from Bei Tesori[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3001" align="alignnone" width="344" caption="Owl "Feltscape" from Etsy Seller Hiboucards"]Owl "Feltscape" from Etsy Seller Hiboucards[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3003" align="alignnone" width="447" caption="Paper Owl Wall Shelf Knick Kacks by Mibo Studio"]Paper Owl Wall Shelf Knick Kacks by Mibo Studio[/caption] If you are looking for unique owl themed wall décor for your baby nursery or kid’s room, you’ve come to the right place! Owls are a very popular element in kid’s room decorating these days so you have lots of options whether you want sweet and classic or modern and chic. Of course we are partial to our owl wall decals which give you the flexibility to mix and match colors and styles without having to paint or nail holes in the wall. Choose from classic polka dot owls, boy, girl, or gender neutral owls in popular kids’ décor colors like pink, blue, lavender or our favorite  – these soft aqua owl wall decals. For a bit more dimension in your owl wall décor that wall decals don’t have, we like this pink winking 3D owl on a branch wall décor piece called “Brooke”. From Bei Tesori Boutique, this wooden owl wall hanging can come with a wooden peg for a more functional piece. Bei Tesori’s designs are custom cut and painted in their workshop and this piece comes ready to hang. This framed 3D owl “feltscape”from Etsy seller HibouCards is also a cute way to get a 3d owl look. The felt is sewn to create this spring scene with trees, flowers, tall grass with a 3 dimensional caramel, camel, and tan felt owl is sitting at the edge of the frame amongst the tall grass. And, for cute owl décor on a wall shelf we love these adorable paper owls. These paper owls are designed by Mibo, a UK design outlet that also has fabulous lamp shades, throw pillows, and wallpaper. Their paper owls are available via a downloadable/print-at-home-able kit (once you pay, you are sent a pdf file with four owl paper templates and instructions) and are a cheap and cheerful way to get very cute owl decor. See our other articles for modern owl nursery bedding from Dwell and personalized owl wall decor for your little one.

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