Pretty in Pink! Lovely Girls’ Rooms Adorned with Personalized Flower Wall Decals

[caption id="attachment_3065" align="alignnone" width="545" caption="Personalized Pink Flower Wall Decals from weeDECOR"]Personalized Pink Flower Wall Decals from weeDECOR[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3066" align="alignnone" width="545" caption="Personalized Flower Wall Decal from weeDECOR"]Personalized Flower Wall Decal from weeDECOR[/caption] Portland, Oregon mom Kristy is all about pink décor for her two little girls. Who can blame her? She has two curly-haired tots with flowery Italian names – Isabella and Valentina – whose names were inspired by her and her Italian husband’s time in Rome. She asks us, “What better way to decorate my girls' walls than with their names adorned with your gorgeous flower wall decals?” We couldn’t agree more. Five year old daughter Isabella’s bed is now crowned with our half flower bouquet personalized wall decal in pale pink. Apparently, this coronation is particularly fitting given Isabella’s predilection for “all things princess”. The floral wall decals look stunning above her romantic-styled head board and between decorative pink wall hangings of framed doll clothes (what a cute idea!). Note the princess table lamp is never too far from pretty Isabella when she sleeps under her dress themed bedding in pale pink, lavender, and white. Baby sister Valentina gets our bright pink personalized floral vine wall decal hung over her classic white crib. One of our more traditional styles, this snippet of a flower vine lovingly hugs Valentina’s name along the left side. Almost ready for a big girl room, Valentina’s timeless floral wall decal will last well through that transition. Mom Kristy says the kids love their wall decals and she couldn’t be more pleased with how easy they were to hang and how pretty they make the girls’ rooms look. Thanks for sending the pictures, Kristy! See our other floral decal designs such as our tulip wall decals, sunflower wall decals, modern flower garden wall decals in all kinds of fun colors and styles to adorn your girls’ rooms.

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