Top Twenty Baby Names for Summer of 2010

Summer has just about come to an end and we thought it would be helpful to recap the latest and greatest with our top baby name list for summer 2010. We thought to ourselves, what better way to help moms get creative ideas for baby names than to share what baby names we're seeing in our personalized wall decals. So, we selected the twenty baby boy names and twenty baby girl names (plus one more on each list for good measure) that we thought best represented the summer of 2010 bundles of joy. We're hoping this will get creative juices going in you soon-to-be moms expecting a fall or 2011 baby. Classics are timeless. For a baby boy, it’s comforting to see Michael and William which we saw a few times this summer. We were struck by unique names Cason, Ryland, Braylon, and Judeffrey and thought you might find that intriguing, too. For baby girl names, lovely Lily continued to be simply lovely, as well as pretty Isabella. For some new ideas, we thought Cora, Ryleigh, and Allica were particularly cute.  We also noticed many baby girl names with double consonants such as Emma, Colleen, Stella, and Jenna. Might we be spotting a baby naming trend? Whatever name you choose for your little one, consider our wall decal letters to personalize your baby’s room or choose from popular designs. For example, our personalized owl on branch wall decal or personalized ballet wall decal are sweet additions to a girl's room.  And, our personalized train wall decal and top seller personalized monkey wall decals are precious for a boy's room. [caption id="attachment_3465" align="alignnone" width="342" caption="weeDECOR Baby Names Summer 2010"]weeDECOR Baby Names Summer 2010[/caption]

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