More Works of Art from colorTHEORY - A Modern, Gender Neutral Birch Tree Nursery

[caption id="attachment_3490" align="alignnone" width="491" caption="A Gender Neutral Birch Tree Baby Nursery Designed by colorTHEORY"]A Gender Neutral Birch Tree Baby Nursery Designed by colorTHEORY[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3491" align="alignnone" width="484" caption="Birch Tree Themed Nursery Decor by colorTHEORY"]Birch Tree Themed Nursery Decor by colorTHEORY[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3492" align="alignnone" width="484" caption="Birch Tree Themed Modern Baby Nursery by colorTHEORY"]Birch Tree Themed Modern Baby Nursery by colorTHEORY[/caption] Great interior designers have a tremendous talent for creatively translating a client’s vision, preferences, and individuality into room décor that uniquely reflects them. One of our favorite nursery interior designers for whom this rings true is Boston-based colorTHEORY. That is why we were excited to hear about their latest project – a modern, gender neutral birch tree nursery. It started when a previous client reached out to colorTHEORY with some exciting news. They were expecting their first baby and wanted colorTHEORY on board for the project. During their initial meeting, the client introduced a design challenge by choosing not to find out the sex of their baby until it was born. This meant coming up with a creative gender neutral baby nursery theme and colors. It wasn't too long into the meeting that mom-to-be expressed a preference for birch trees and colorTHEORY was excited to oblige. “There's something about the color make up and patterns in a birch tree that is very modern”, colorTHEORY tells weeDECOR. With a degree in fine arts from the Museum School, colorTHEORY partner, Benjamin Scott, was anxious to use his talent to hand paint a series of birch trees in different variations & heights, creating a gorgeous, urban camouflage effect. Keeping in line with gender neutral colors as well as recognizing that the room received no natural light, colorTHEORY kept the room's colors crisp and open, and easily able to compliment the black, white, & grey colors in the birch tree. The next form of creative inspiration came from nostalgic items already in the client’s home. colorTHEORY partner, Brad Dufton, tells us, “I noticed a low table in the room that mom-to-be said was used by her mother when she was a baby. I suggested that we repaint it to match the white in the birch trees and to hand paint an outline of two birch trees. This helped put a modern spin on this heirloom item. Our client happily agreed. I also saw an old fashioned wooden floor lamp they had and suggested we spray paint it a burnt orange color to match the design elements in the crib bedding we had chosen. Again, they said yes and grew even more excited as the room began to take life." Now, inspired by the would-be burnt orange floor lamp and orange bedding details, colorTHEORY suggested adding five orange birds to the birch trees. When asked, “Why five?”, colorTHEORY responded, “One for each family member – mom, dad, baby, Wheezy the cat, and Cassius the dog. Mom and Dad-to-be loved it and signed off on the design immediately." Thanks, colorTHEORY and mom and dad-to-be, for sharing your inspirational and beautifully designed gender neutral nursery with weeDECOR. There is no doubt baby will be sure to love his or her room, too. See other works of art from colorTHEORY including: High-Styled Blue & Green Modern Owl Themed Nursery A Luscious Giraffe Themed Yellow Nursery for Liam

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