Baby Girl Audrey Loves her weeDECOR Wall Decals

[caption id="attachment_3590" align="alignnone" width="491" caption="A Sunflower Wall-Decal for Baby Audrey"]A Sunflower Wall-Decal for Baby Audrey. flower wall decal. flower wall sticker[/caption] How cute is this photo of California baby Audrey?  Mom wrote us a note that we are very proud of.  She tells us, "I received my order from weeDECOR yesterday and I LOVE it!!! We moved last month and so at 9 months old, Audrey finally got her own room and I finally got to decorate the nursery!" She further tells us: "Why I love weeDECOR: - Online shopping experience was great, super easy to add things to my cart, change my mind several times, then checkout. - The wall decals arrived FAST! Much sooner than I expected for a custom order. - The packaging is beautiful! It felt like a fancy, premium product had just arrived and I opened the package really slowly so I could save the paper and tube to re-gift! - The wall decals are gorgeous! I love the colors and the designs. - I'm shocked at how easy they were to apply - even with Audrey jumping on me the whole time trying desperately to get her little hands on the decals before they made it to the walls. :) Here's a picture of Audrey in her room with your sunflower wall decal.  Thank you, thank you for making such a great product!! I was really impressed by the whole experience, and I consider myself a heavy online shopper! :) And Audrey LOVES them! I scattered them around her nursery all at her level. She's been crawling around checking them out one by one ever since they went up. The animal wall decals (not pictured here) are her favorites." Thanks for the accolades, mom, and for sharing photos of smiling Audrey.  We thrive on those smiles! See other customer comments and photos of wall decals for more ideas on how to use weeDECOR wall decals to decorate a fabulous baby nursery or kid's room.

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