weeDECOR's Fall 2010 List of Inspiring & Unique Baby Names

[caption id="attachment_3768" align="alignnone" width="392" caption="weeDECOR Baby Names Fall 2010"]unique baby names. uncommon baby names[/caption] One of our favorite activities is looking back on the season to see what names will be defining the next generation. These unique baby names from Fall 2010 are not from the Social Security database or from scouring the Internet. These inspiring and uncommon baby names were chosen by creative parents just like you. If you are seeking a unique boy name, browse our list and you’ll find Cannon, Ryker, and Milaan.  We are also keen on these regal-sounding first name/middle name combos. How big and bold is Enrique Geovany?  Fit for a Spanish King was our first thought! Or, what about Philip Baer? Quintessentially classic and British sounding. For unique girl names, you’ll find Teagan, Mielle, and Nylah on our baby girl name list. For first name/middle name combos we are drooling over our favorite - Sophie Bleu, so soft, yet bursting with personality. Our list also covers a few of the classic baby names. There’s Timothy, Henry and Jack for boy names. And, we love the idea of a triumvirate of As – Alexandra, Avery, and Abigail – perfect names for triplets or siblings. Peruse more of our unique baby name ideas on our summer 2010 baby name list. And, if we may be so bold, after you choose your uncommon baby name perfectly fitting for your little one, consider our gorgeous personalized wall decals with which you can display your unique baby name. No nails to hammer. No alignment to worry about. weeDECOR’s removable and reusable wall decal letters come aligned and ready to hang in your baby nursery. Choose from our most popular wall decal designs: Personalized Polka Dot Wall Decal Premium Personalized Hanging Monkey Wall Decal Personalized Owl Wall Decal for a Girl Personalized Owl Wall Decal for a Boy

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