Gorgeous Christmas Decor Featuring weeDECOR Holiday Wall Decals

[caption id="attachment_3771" align="alignnone" width="442" caption="weeDECOR Christmas Present Wall Decals"]christmas wall decals. holiday wall decals. red and green holiday wall decor. red and green christmas wall decor. removable holiday wall decals[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3772" align="alignnone" width="461" caption="weeDECOR Christmas Wall Decor - Presents & Ornament Wall Decals"]christmas ornament wall decor. holiday wall decor. xmas wall decor. [/caption] We love getting photos from customers and a special thanks to our Philadelphia friend who sent us photos on her home decorated for the holidays featuring our Christmas wall decals. This little alcove is decked out with red and green themed holiday wall decor and we are delighted that our holiday wall decals have helped bring a little holiday cheer to this Philly home. The homeowner tells weeDECOR, "I loved how easy it was to decorate our home with your holiday themed wall decals. The colors are gorgeous! The decals look like decadently rich paint. Thanks, weeDECOR!" The owner of this Philadelphia purchased our Christmas present wall decals and arranged the wrapped boxes in a decorative layout right above a console table in her entry way. She then applied our hanging ornament wall decals delicately swinging from a branch above - so it's just like the presents are sitting under a Christmas tree. Lovely! It's not too late to get your holiday wall decals. See our selection of snowflake wall decals, small and large Christmas tree wall decals, wreath wall decals, and hanging ornament wall decals. And, since they are removable and reusable, you can save them for holiday decorating for years to come. For more ideas on how to decorate your holiday home with wall decals, see our other customer photos and articles on beautifully decorated holiday homes such as: A San Francisco Home Gets Holiday Chic with our Christmas Tree Wall Decals A Happy Holiday Home for a Harrisburg Mom

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