One Last Holiday Smile for 2010 - Our Christmas Tree, Ornament, & Present Wall Decals

[caption id="attachment_3851" align="alignnone" width="413" caption="weeDECOR Holiday Wall Decals in an Illinois Home"]weeDECOR Christmas Wall Decals in an Illinois Home. christmas tree wall decal. ornament wall decal. present wall decal[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3852" align="alignnone" width="413" caption="weeDECOR Christmas Tree Wall Decal Shining Bright with Lights!"]Christmas Tree wall decal by weedecor[/caption] Some folks are so clever! This Illinois couple sent us photos of their weeDECOR wall decals in their stylishly modern home and we couldn't help but be inspired. First off, how gorgeous does that Christmas tree wall decal look in their contemporary space? The cranberry, amethyst, and aqua pop off the wall and the silver branches of the tree provide structure without too much "weight" that pulls the design together beautifully. They further describe, "Our traditional Christmas tree is set up on our basement level and we were looking for a way to decorate our main level, but didn't want a second traditional tree. Your silver christmas tree wall decal complimented our contemporary decor and our wall that has a tint of purple." "Because our wall space is so large, we added the navy blue ornament wall decals to fill in some of the area above the tree. The present wall decals were added to compliment some of the lighted glass blocks we made. Note that we even applied one of the present decals to the floor. Finally, we added some LED lights to the Tree Decal using 3M removable mini hooks." How cool is that?  We never would have thought to add real lights, but it is a very clever way to add even more holiday cheer to your room. We appreciate the inspiration! Because we want to be honest with our customers, the couple mentioned that they had some trouble with the ornament strings which "had a tendency to release partially from the wall".  Thanks for the feedback!  This can sometimes happen with very small wall decal pieces on certain wall textures and surface substrates.  But, rest assured that we are working diligently to make sure we have the safest, best performing, wall decal material we can find. Thanks for sending your photos! See more customer photos of weeDECOR wall decals for even more inspiration for your holiday and baby room decorating.

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