Nursery Wall Art & Unique Baby Room Decor by The Little Acorn

[caption id="attachment_3899" align="alignnone" width="412" caption="Owl Nursery Decor by the Little Acorn"]Owl Nursery Decor by the Little Acorn[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3900" align="alignnone" width="416" caption="Space Themed Nursery Decor by The Little Acorn"]Space Themed Nursery Decor by The Little Acorn. decorative nursery pillow robot.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3902" align="alignnone" width="413" caption="Doll Nursery Decor by The Little Acorn"]Doll Nursery Decor by The Little Acorn[/caption] We love these sweet and unique wall art and coordinating throw pillow sets from San Francisco-based The Little Acorn, a company dedicated to creating colorful, whimsical, meaningful and socially aware products for adults and children. Aside from beautiful designs, what makes the Little Acorn unique is that they strive to build positive messages and learning in their baby room decor pieces. And, what's more, all of the art and characters are original and created by Bridget Kelly. Their wall art includes words and whimsical images that teach children colors, social awareness, tolerance, appreciation of nature, and love of all things. For example, wall art depicting a green inchworm says "I am green" or a ladybug featuring the words "I am red" helps kids with colors. To encourage diverse thinking, little dolls of various ethnicity hold hands over the phrase "Friends Come in All Colors". The Little Acorn also has cute baby bedding, rugs, and other uniquely designed nursery decor to help you decorate a fabulously fun baby room. Choose from gender neutral decor featuring owls, trees, birds, and other nature elements. For a baby girl, they have ethnically diverse doll themed decor. For a baby boy, they have different colored robots and space themed decor promoting diversity of friends. For more unique baby room accessories, see our other articles on: Decorating with ceiling poms to add texture to your nursery Fresh and modern mobiles by Dwell Studio for a baby's room Painted drawer knobs for your nursery furniture

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I have a blog, and a little one of my own on the way, I featured the owl set on my blog, since owls are my nursery theme. I linked back, here is the post:

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