weeDECOR’s Inspiring & Unique Baby Names of Winter 2011

[caption id="attachment_4067" align="alignnone" width="412" caption="weeDECOR Notable & Unique Baby Names Winter 2011"]unique baby names[/caption] Since for many of us in the USA, the weather is not cooperating on this first day of spring, let’s take this opportunity to see what intriguing baby names weeDECOR customers for our next generation of little ones. These noteworthy and unique baby names from winter 2011 are not from the Social Security database. These inspiring and uncommon baby names were chosen by creative parents just like you. If you are seeking a unique boy name, you’ll find Killian, Koen, Edie, and Dallas on this winter’s list.  We also like the first name/middle name combos of Oliver Indy, Ben Oliver, and the triumvirate of a name - David Gustaf Andri. We also noticed how the letter C is a popular first letter for many boys this winter and is uniquely used in the names Cal, Caffrey, Cameron, Connor, Coffin, Colt, and Cody. For unique girl names, you’ll find Kaia, Braylin, and Matea on this winter’s baby girl name list. We like Emmelyn as a more unique choice in place of the quintessentially popular Emma. We also thought it interesting the variety of unique spellings coming from the same name such as in Lauren & Lauryn, Maia & Maya, and Brianna & Brianna. And who can’t help but smile when they see the first/middle name combination of Eliza Rae and picture a sweet little Virginia girl in her first sundress this summer? Makes us crave mint iced tea! This winter’s list covers classic baby names as well. Aidan and Dylan continue to be popular and we have also seen Wyatt rise in our rankings. And, our favorite triplet choice for girls’ names of the season is Summer, Sienna, and Sage. Just beautiful! Peruse more of our unique baby name ideas on our fall 2010 baby name list and our summer 2010 baby name list. And, if we may be so bold, after you choose your uncommon baby name perfectly fitting for your little one, consider our gorgeous personalized wall decals with which you can display your unique baby name. No nails to hammer. No alignment to worry about. weeDECOR’s removable and reusable wall decal letters come aligned and ready to hang in your baby nursery. We just introduced a new line of personalized girl name wall decals including: Personalized Tulip Garden Wall Decal Personalized Dots Arch Wall Decal Personalized Solo Owl Wall Decal Personalized Hippo Wall Decal Personalized Butterfly Delight Wall Decal

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