weeDECOR's Classic & Whimsical Tree Wall Decals - Now, Even Taller!

[caption id="attachment_4137" align="alignnone" width="366" caption="weeDECOR's White Whimsical Tree Removable Wall Decal"]weeDECOR's White Whimsical Tree Removable Wall Decal[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4142" align="alignnone" width="366" caption="weeDECOR's Tall Classic Tree Wall Decal with Pink Owls & a Bird"]weeDECOR's Tall Classic Tree Wall Decal with Pink Owls & Birds[/caption] Customers love our removable tree wall decals! What is not to love? This decorative wall decor bring the beauty of nature to any nursery, kids room, or other room in the house. In fact, customers loved our tree wall decals so much that they requested even taller trees. Luckily, it is our job to please! Now, you can purchase our popular tree wall decals in even larger sizes. Check out our tall whimsical tree wall decal, our tall classic tree wall decal, our birds in a tree wall decal mural and our tall nature wall decal mural with owls and birds. These trees stand just about 6 feet, give or take a few inches based on how you arrange the leaves. And, you can still add all the gorgeous embellishments weeDECOR has to offer such as our popular owl wall decals, bird wall decals, butterfly wall decals and more! Take a peek above at the pretty whimsical white tree wall decal we had made for weeDECOR's office. We thought what better way to set off a bright green wall then this stunning white tree wall decal. We love how this tall whimsical tree seems to whisper in the wind with its flowing branches and soft leaves falling to the ground. Gorgeous, don't you think?

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