An Exquisite Butterfly & Flower Themed Girl's Room by Little Crown Interiors

[youtube=] It was such a pleasure for us to help Little Crown Interiors design this lovely pink butterfly nursery and we are excited to share this video with you! The family of this lucky baby girl was also quite pleased. “Words alone can not express how beautiful you have made my soon to be granddaughter’s new nursery. Your taste is exquisite…you took into consideration everything my daughter was looking to have in her dream nursery,” Grandma told Little Crown Interiors. From the before and after photos of the room, you will see how our wall decals helped turn this baby room into butterfly heaven with a custom wall decal mural. The room’s overall theme played with pale pink giving it a soft touch of femininity accented by butterflies and flowers in varying shades of green, pink, yellow and blue to complete the look. Colorful weeDECOR flower wall decals can be seen surrounding the room, sprouting from the ground with vines that crawl majestically on the wall – all larger than life to further create that enchanted look. Flying from one blooming flower to another are butterfly wall decals in shades of bright pink, green, yellow and cobalt blue. You can see the playful butterflies not just adoring the colorful flowers, but also the painting on the wall. To complement the butterfly wall decals and the colorful flower and vine wall decals designed by weeDECOR, a pale yellow are area rug adorned with more flowers, vines and butterflies accents the floor. As soon as you enter the room, you feel like you have been brought into an enchanted world. We are so happy how well it turned out! If you are interested in purchasing these butterfly wall decals and flower wall decals, please email us at help at weeDECOR  dot com. You might also want to check out weeDECOR’s extensive collection of baby room wall decals and personalized wall decals for other designs from which to choose for your one-of-a-kind nursery.

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