Petite Lemon + weeDECOR = Fun, Fab Wall Decals

[caption id="attachment_4581" align="alignnone" width="507" caption="Decorate your nursery or kid's room with Petite Lemon and weeDECOR's wall decals"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_4631" align="alignnone" width="507" caption="Add charm to your nursery or kid's room with personalized happy owl wall decals."]nursery decor. owl wall decals. owl wall stickers.[/caption] We are bursting with excitement over our latest partnership and had to share the great news with you. Petite Lemon and weeDECOR are teaming up to offer a new collection of modern, whimsical wall stickers that combine the unique designs of Petite Lemon with the durable, eco-friendly fabric wall decal fabric that weeDECOR fans have grown to love. weeDECOR has always been partial to using tree wall decals as a way to create a focal point in a nursery or kid’s room. We are thrilled to offer four (yes, four!) brand new towering tree wall stickers, each with its own special touch. The tree and boy on swing wall decal and the tree and girl on swing decal brilliantly capture the essence of a carefree childhood. We can practically feel the breeze as the sweet little girl and boy swing to and fro. A sturdy branch, a swing, and blissful solitude create a sense of whimsy in these designs. Is your little one an animal or nature lover? The tree with bird feeder wall decal is a great way to incorporate some feathered friends into your nursery décor. This wall sticker offers clean, simple lines and includes two hungry birdies that have stopped by for a snack.  Your wee one will be tickled to see that the bird feeder is being put to good use. If you are creating a nature-themed nursery, the natural tree wall decal has a more minimalist feel but still makes a powerful statement. Petite Lemon is known for their personalized products, and these new personalized wall decals do not disappoint.  The personalized happy owls wall decal for girls or boys capture one of the latest and greatest trends in nursery décor. Owls are popping up in bedding and window treatments, so why not adorn your walls with them as well?  We just love how these personalized happy owls wall stickers for girls or boys feature a sleepy parent and not-so-sleepy wee one. Sound familiar? The personalized happy birds wall decals for girls or boys are too cute for words! Little birdie feet are perched atop the graceful arm of a tree. Parent and baby bird are chirping away about how precious your little sweetheart looks when sleeping. And when your wee one is awake, we can imagine the giggles and smiles that these personalized happy birds wall stickers will beget. Petite Lemon and weeDECOR invite you to explore this fabulous new line of wall decals. With so many designs and colors from which to choose, you are sure to find just the right embellishment for walls of your nursery or kid’s room.

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