Mom's and Dad's Bring Joy to the Walls with weeDECOR's Christmas Wall Stickers

[caption id="attachment_4687" align="alignnone" width="507" caption="The holly leaves and berries add some unexpected glamour to this picture-perfect window."]Holly leaves wall decals. holly leaves wall stickers. christmas wall decals. christmas walls stickers. holiday wall decals. holiday wall stickers.[/caption] There are so many possibilities for displaying our holly accents wall stickers. This Pennsylvania mom decided they would look best around this gorgeous window that sits on the landing heading to the second floor of her home. She tells us, "We always have a ton of overnight visitors during the holidays and I wanted to add some beautiful holiday decor in unexpected places throughout my house. This window was the perfect spot for the holly accents wall decal because my guests can enjoy them on their way up and down the stairs." This looks oh-so-pretty and is a great example of  the versatility of this particular design. It also goes to show that weeDECOR can make it fun and affordable to decorate every corner of your home! The holly accent leaves add a touch of elegance to the window, but this mom didn't stop there! She also wanted to delight her own children and young visitors to her house with some of our cutest designs. [caption id="attachment_4689" align="alignnone" width="507" caption="Our reindeer silhouette wall sticker is placed in a high-traffic area for maximum exposure and maximum cuteness!"]reindeer wall decal. reindeer wall sticker. christmas wall decal. christmas wall sticker. holiday wall decal. holiday wall sticker.[/caption] This adorable reindeer takes his place on a wall that separates the kitchen from the dining room and looks great underneath the family advent calendar. Mom writes, "I took one look at this reindeer silhouette wall decal and KNEW I had to have him. I loved the modern look of this design and that little bird is just too cute for words! I'm surprised you didn't hear my kids' squeals all the way from Pennsylvania when they saw him for the first time!" We agree that the reindeer fits just perfectly on that wall, turning it from plain to precious in just minutes! We love how the colors of the ornaments are picked up in the advent calendar above. There is a whole lot of Christmas fun going on in that area of this home. Adorable! [caption id="attachment_4690" align="alignnone" width="507" caption="Penguins perch on an entryway mirror in this fun holiday home."]penguins wall decal. penguins wall sticker. christmas wall decal. christmas wall sticker. holiday wall decals. holiday wall stickers[/caption] For one final embellishment, this Pennsylvania mom found a great spot for our Christmas penguins wall sticker. These friendly fellows will greet all of her holiday guests this year right when they walk in the door! Mom tells us, "I thought this was the perfect location for the Christmas penguins. They add a little something to my entry way without looking completely over-the-top. I'm hoping that they also serve as a subtle reminder to my kids as to where their own winter weather things belong (meaning...NOT on the floor). I'll keep you posted on the success rate. When winter is over, I plan to remove the scarves and hats and relocate these decals to my kids' playroom." Sounds like a great plan, mom!. We can't wait to find out whether our decals help keep your house clean! [caption id="attachment_4691" align="alignnone" width="507" caption="Who doesn't love candy? Our Christmas train wall decal gives these wee ones something to smile about!"]christmas train wall decal. christmas train wall sticker. christmas wall decal. christmas wall sticker[/caption] All aboard the candy train! Our wall decals will bring "oohs, aahs," and plenty of smiles to everyone in your house. This mom thought that the Christmas train wall decal would be a great addition to her holiday decor, and we couldn't agree more! With an adorable engineer at the helm, this fun, fresh design is sure to delight kids of all ages. Just look at those grins! And we love that this little man thought it very important to include his stuffed animal friend in the picture. weeDECOR's wall decals can elicit smiles from kids, adults, and even inanimate objects! How about that! You will find tons of fabulous wall decals in our 2011 Christmas collection. For more ideas as to how adorn your home with fabulous Christmas decor, see our holiday decorating ideas and be prepared to be amazed!.

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