To Grandmas House We Go with weeDECOR Holiday Wall Decor

[caption id="attachment_4829" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="This Philadelphia grandmother cleverly displays the Christmas candy train above her dessert table so there is no question as to where her grandkids can find the sweets!"][/caption] We frequently hear from moms and dads who are fans of weeDECOR. Imagine how thrilled we were to hear that grandmas are loving our wall decals, too! This Philadelphia grandmother tells us, "My daughter sent these wall stickers to me last week. At first, I was a little apprehensive about where and how to display them. I glanced in my dining room and noticed that my chair rail peeked out from behind my server and thought that would be a great place to park the Christmas train. During Christmas dinner, I display the desserts on this server, so I just made the connection that this would be the perfect spot for the Christmas train wall decal." We couldn't agree more! And something tells us that it won't be long before the grandkids put two and two together and know exactly where to head when they walk through the door (after all the big hugs and kisses are doled out, of course!). But this super-hip grandma didn't stop there! [caption id="attachment_4828" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="This happy fellow adds some spunk to a formal living room."]snowman wall decal[/caption] She writes, "I figured the snowman wall decal would look best against a wall with some color to it so he would stand out. He is an adorable addition to my living room now. I may not ever take him down!" Great thinking, Grandma! If you mixed the green and blue in our snowman wall sticker's scarf, we're pretty sure you'd get the exact color of that paint on the wall! Love it! We can't get over how happy and comfortable our snowman wall sticker looks on top of that gorgeous cherry wood furniture. The surrounding snowfall and little birdie friend are just the right embellishments that turn a solitary snowman into a member of a darling winter scene. Moms, dads, and now grandmothers are coming up with the most clever and creative ways to up the festive factor in their homes this holiday season with weeDECOR's Christmas wall decals. There are some gorgeous customer photos on our blog that are sure to inspire you! Don't forget to view the entire 2011 collection of Christmas wall stickers to find the perfect accent for your walls. Your kids (and grandkids) will love them! We also have some fun ideas for holiday decorating that will take your home from drab to fab for the holidays.

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