So Elegant, So Refined...A Classic Nursery with a Stunning Wall Decal Border

[caption id="attachment_4718" align="alignnone" width="507" caption="Inspired by some of our favorite designs, these wall decals were custom-made by weeDECOR."]Inspired by some of our favorite designs, these wall decals were custom-made for an Atlanta mom.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4719" align="alignnone" width="507" caption="A few of our favorite things displayed above baby's crib."][/caption] [caption id="attachment_4720" align="alignnone" width="507" caption="Nursery closet organization at its finest!"]closet organization[/caption] This Atlanta mom poured her heart and soul into the design of an incredible nursery for her baby boy. Iconic symbols of babyhood are remastered into contemporary, sophisticated elements that bring a sense of refinement to this stunning room. We love how the soft baby blue walls are toughened up a bit with the steely gray curtain panels that could easily see Ian through the teen years. The Preston crib bedding set by CoCaLo seems to be just the right shade of blue as well and is paired beautifully with the rich brown in the furniture. Mom chose furniture from Baby's Dream's Legendary collection to serve as statement pieces for the room. The graceful curve of the top of the crib gives this piece a positively regal feel. For the walls, mom approached weeDECOR to create some custom wall decals to create a wall border that would bring a little bit of whimsy to the nursery while maintaining an elegant feel overall. Inspired by our existing  rocking horse, bear, and classic train engine wall stickers, our designers made some slight modifications to achieve just the right look for this wall decal border for mom. But we didn't stop there! Our designers also custom-made baby block wall decals reminiscent of the ABC blocks nightlight that mom found at Pottery Barn and placed on a side table next to that comfy-looking rocker by Dutailer. In a few shades darker than the wall color, the decals are subtle and bring a little bit of fun to the walls. From the looks of his closet, it appears that Ian is going to be the best-dressed baby on the block! Mom turned to Home Depot's Martha Stewart line of closet storage and organization in preparation of baby's arrival. With so many fabulous clothes, a little organization is key. This set up is borderline mind-blowing! Onesies to the left, jackets to the right, sleepers in the middle...this closer is pure perfection! Once again, we are so proud that some of the savviest, most stylish parents out there use weeDECOR wall decals in fabulous nurseries everywhere. We have so many examples of gorgeous nursery decor on our blog. Whether you're decorating for a boy or girl, you are sure to find inspiration from both professional designers and super-creative moms and dads alike.

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