Out with the Old, in With the...Old? Vintage is Back with a Vengeance

The year 2012 is barely off the ground and we’re already seeing some fabulous trends emerging for nurseries everywhere! Inspired by the traditions and customs of simpler times, moms and dads are going vintage with their nursery décor. We’ve found some incredible design elements that will bring a sense of nostalgia to your nursery without compromising the modern conveniences or the safety of your wee ones. [caption id="attachment_4746" align="alignnone" width="507" caption="This beautiful bedding is reminscent of popular dress patterns of the 1920s."][/caption] Serena & Lily is a company that is well-known for stunning bedding and room décor, and their Collette bedding collection doesn’t disappoint. Designers looked back almost 100 years to find the inspiration for this bedding. French dress prints from the 20’s served as the influence for this gorgeous crib set with its quirky, vintage look that is updated with a contemporary pink/gray color combination. While this collection embraces the look of nurseries past, rest assured that the linens were made with high-quality cotton sateen. A retro look and modern luxury? Sounds like a win-win to us! [caption id="attachment_4747" align="alignnone" width="507" caption="Extraordinary details set this crib apart."]Poster Iron Crib from Posh Tots[/caption] The perfect vintage bedding demands an equally-appealing bed, don’t you think? Safety standards for cribs have changed drastically over the years, so this is one area where authentic vintage may not by the best route. Luckily, vintage-look cribs are popping up everywhere. One of our favorites is this poster iron crib from Posh Tots. The intricate detailing is positively swoon-worthy and reminiscent of cribs from long ago. The stationary sides and varying mattress positions will save your back and give you peace of mind, as will Posh Tots’ guarantee that the crib meets all current safety standards. [caption id="attachment_4748" align="alignnone" width="507" caption="This super-creative design element won't break the bank."]Vintage Nursery Decor[/caption] Now, on to the décor! We love this idea found on Design Dazzle. A mom scored some darling vintage dresses from a clothing store that was shutting down and, with the help of some twine, added softness and dimension to her daughter’s walls. So clever! This is proof that designing a nursery with a vintage theme does not have to break the bank! Shop your local flea market for some inspiration and adorable accents. Adding vintage touches to your nursery is just one way to personalize your little one's room. For more fantastic ideas for nursery decor, see our customer photos.

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